The Long Road Society is a record label, studio, and collective of individuals committed to making soulful music and building community in Oakland, California. We are interested in records, hand-written letters, analog tape machines, country life, urban culture, handmade gifts, unpolished human emotion, and creating community through music and art. We are not interested in shortcuts. We are purveyors and enthusiasts of cosmic american music - music created in america that has a cosmic, universal soul. Every artist on our label we love as a human being and as a musician.

Our first release, the debut album from Sitka Sun, is currently available for purchase, as well as listening, here. The rest of our releases are forthcoming! You can learn more about subscribing to our record label by clicking the "subscribe" button below or on our main page. Explore our psychedelic pyramid for more information and to listen to the artists...




Desiree Cannon

Desiree Cannon is a country-folk songwriter based in Oakland, California. Her songwriting is intimate and nostalgic, her voice thick with heartache, and her music reminiscent of all the beautiful losers that have existed for the sake of the song.



Kit Center & the Hollow Bones

Kit Center & the Hollow Bones are an American Roots band based out of Oakland, California, comprised of Kit Center (vocals/guitar), Aviva Lipkowitz (bass/vocals), Jessica Leigh Smith (vocals/harmonica), and Lisa Pezzino (percussion). The band draws influence from country, blues, and folk traditions. The music is slow and thick, sad but hopeful, and stripped to its bones so the soul shines through.


Moses Cadillac

Sunglasses and swagger, old sedans and shared cigarettes, dusty wine bottles and early Sunday mornings. You never know what you're gonna get.



Aviva plays dream-folk music inspired by California landscapes, 50s prom dresses, and broken hearts. She has the voice of a siren and the spirit of a lonesome stranger. The songs and sounds of Ms. Aviva Lipkowitz... have fun getting lost inside her dream house.


Sitka Sun

Sitka Sun is the cosmic-afrobeat-jazz project of composer and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Murphy. Recommended for long drives, desert landscapes, and contemplative days.


The Lovewells

Psychedelic soul, space music, codeine funk. Inspired by fresh cheeba and the psychedelic dirges of the early 70s. The Lovewells are the home team, the rhythm section, the center: Patrick Murphy (bass), Liam Golden (drums), Elizabeth Lubin (keys), Jordan Epcar (guitar), and Kit Center (vocals).