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Dawn Riding

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Artist Bio

Songwriter Sarah Rose Janko grew up lonely watching blues and rock and roll bands at her dad’s bar and singing herself to sleep. After living in New York City and New Orleans and wandering around the country aimlessly, she settled in Oakland, Ca where she met Hall McCann who learned to harmonize in church and rides a motorcycle. Together they are the voice of Dawn Riding singing tales of heartache, friendship, struggle and love. Accompanied by drummer Jasmyn Wong (Sky Green Leopards, Paula Frazer, The Sarees) this trio brings a raw emotionally rich sound that belongs to long nights and slow dancing, dirt roads and day dreaming, legends and laying low.


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Dawn Riding released a limited-edition tape project on the Long Road Society in early 2019, to be followed by their debut LP in the summer of 2019. Listen below to a pre-released track:


"Held Down"
by Dawn Riding


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