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We're going to let her speak for herself... "She, who is her, who is I? Little girl known to make a grown man cry. Face like the sun and the bite of a pitbull, I'll be pumping the gas until your tank is full. When they be on E I'm over flowin', never showin' no weakness, speechless, when she kicks the rhymes, the beats is, old school, I got an old soul, I'm on my new sh*t, can I get a drum roll..."
(Aye Yo, Karen Less)


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Love Is On The Way

Karen Less' debut cassingle was released on The Long Road Society in 2018, followed by a limited-edition pressing on 45 in partnership with Scotland based label Triassic Tusk. You can order the cassette at our online store and order the 45 from TT. You can also stream the single on the following channels:


"Aye Yo"
by Karen Less


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