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Kit Center has been odd his whole life. Maybe it starts with a name. As a child he lived in buses, garages, trailers and attics. He began recording at the age of 6 on his father's Tascam tape machine and has been at it ever since. As an adult he traveled restlessly across the continent, eventually finding a home in Oakland, California where he continues to write and record.

Over the last decade, his musical projects have included The Brothers Amor, The Hollow Bones, The Lovewells, and Moses Cadillac. The common thread in all his music is a slow groove; whether it's psych folk or stoner rap, it's generally going to be around 82 bpm. Most recently Kit has been creating music under his own name - it's a continuation of his love affair with songwriting, recorded under the influence of many different muses.

He also runs a small analog studio in Oakland, is a co-founder of the Long Road Society record label, and co-hosts Run With The Moon, a live music showcase at Starline Social Club, every full moon.


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Kit Center released his first single "Gold" on The Long Road Society in May 2020. You can purchase the single on Bandcamp or stream the song on the following channels:


"Farewell Los Olivos"
Kit Center & the Hollow Bones

Hollow Bones

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Kit Center - Gold cover photo

Never Land

The Hollow Bones are an American Roots band based out of Oakland, California, comprised of Kit Center (vocals/guitar), Aviva Lipkowitz (bass/vocals), Jessica Leigh Smith (vocals/harmonica), Patrick Murphy (slide guitar) and Lisa Pezzino (percussion). The band draws influence from country, blues, and folk traditions. The Hollow Bones released a tape EP in 2019 on The Long Road Society. You can order the tape or download the EP on our online store, or listen on Bandcamp.


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